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Whether you're just starting out or already have your own ideas, our skills can meet your vision at all levels.

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For those in need of new and inspiring designs for your market, Scribble Tree has got you covered. Our innovative designs are carefully studied and made by our remarkable design team.

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Follow Your Own Draft

Bring your unique brand to your market using your very own ideas and designs for your notebooks. We can translate your design into functional notebooks with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency.

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Design from Scratch

Create a brand new notebook design on the fly with the help of our talented design team. They can provide valuable guidance and recommendations to fully realize your final design.

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It's Easy Even from Scratch


Tell us your preliminary ideas or detailed needs.


Choose and confirm each design option.


Fast samples present your design for confirmation.


Custom Options

Choose Your Binding Type


Saddle Stitched


Spiral Binding


Glue Binding


Sewing Bound

Loop Stitch

Loop Stitch


Perfect Bound


Comb Bound


Wire Bound

Our facility can handle different binding types to bring out the uniqueness and add artistic flair of your notebooks.

Whether opting for coil binding, glue binding, or stitched binding to keep everything together, we have dedicated machinery to get the task done.

Choose Your Notebook Size

You can go with smaller-sized notebooks that are easy to pack, or opt for larger notebooks that give your users more room for notes and sketches.

Whatever your market is into, our team can create an appropriately-sized notebook that will match their needs.

Customization Size

Silk Screen

Silk Screen

Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping







Hollowing out

Hollowing out

Customize Your Logo

Your brand is your identity, and how it appears on your notebooks lets customers know what your company is about.

Leave an indelible mark on each customer with customized logo printing that perfectly matches your design aesthetic.

Choose Cover Materials

Make a strong impression on your audience with cover designs and materials that best express what your brand stands for.

We offer a robust variety of materials to complete the notebook’s look, from simple cardboard and double-sided art paper to the more elaborate leather and textile covers.





White Cardboard

White Cardboard

Art Paper

Art Paper

Wood-Free Paper

Wood-Free Paper

Choose Paper Materials for Inside Pages

To demonstrate the quality of your brand, we use environmentally friendly paper for notebook inside pages.

You have a wide range of paper selection based on your considerations of budget and user experience.

Art Paper

  • Double-sided printing
  • For color printing of promotional info
Art Paper

Wood-Free Paper

  • Smooth writing
  • Absorbing ink evenly
Wood-Free Paper

Offset Paper

  • Cost-effective
  • Custom color, e.g. beige for protecting eyesight
Offset Paper

Choose Patterns for Your Inside Pages

Dictate how to best use your customized notebooks using different patterns within the notebook’s pages.

Add more detail with templates that users can easily understand. Choose the best pattern that suits your market.

Lined Patterns


Grid Patterns


Form Patterns


Blank Patterns


Kraft Blank Patterns

Kraft Blank

Add Accessories for Your Notebooks

Bring more value to your notebooks with customizable accessories and add-ons that your customers will surely enjoy.

Choices range from elastic belts and magnetic clasps to keep diary contents private, to pen and card holders that make journals a complete set.


Elastic Belt


Password Lock


Magnetic Clasp

Backed by Our Design Team

With an average of 10 years of experience designing amazing logos and notebooks, our designers are the best people to provide support in the industry.

They provide creative insight into your budding ideas while being more than capable of developing new and fresh ideas for your target market.


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